Solo Expo Ceramica Multiplex 2021

Gallery K10 12.06.- 02.07.2021 Varaždin “Breathing” Sandra Ban Organizer: KERAMEIKON-HKU, Croatian Ceramic Association

Curator of the exhibition: Višnja Slavica Gabout Coordination: Željka Bračko

In sculpture, rhythm is the repetition or alternation of volumes and cavities, fullness and emptiness, which can be read as pulsation – a kind of breathing. The cavity can become, as in Sandra Ban’s sculptures, the center of events and a strongly energized zone. The zone where breathing is felt in the rounded openings and cavities and the subsound sculpture is listened to. A zone where life flows and pulsates in constant renewal and development – the one in the small, but also the one in the whole universe.



Goranska sculpture workshop
Exhibition in the Lokvarka cave IV

5,June 2021

For the fourth time in a row, the Lokvarka Cave, which is known as one of the most beautiful caves in the Croatian karst, is becoming a temporary exhibition space for works of art by four authors of different age groups, provenances and different media and thematic expressions.

Sculptor Denis Kraškovič exhibits recent fiberglass sculptures combined with aluminum and wood, Sandra Ban presents an installation in the field of applied art, painter Zdravko Milić exhibits a cycle of nine acrylics on canvas, and multimedia artist Petar Popijač presents objects made of baked clay.

"The Beauty of Isolation" and "It Doesn't Just Melt"

..from the latest opus: breathing – installations and sculptures – we find two selected works for the exhibition „The Critic Chooses“ from ENES QUIEN who writes – There are also works by the interdisciplinary artist Sandra Ban “The Beauty of Isolation” and “It Doesn’t Just Melt.”

Sandra lives in voluntary self-isolation in the wasteland of Gorski Kotar. returning to the primordial – untouched nature. In the environment of his “little paradise on earth”, in silence, peace and meditative atmosphere, he creates works of art by which he expresses his states, feelings, and worldview.

26.04. to 11.05.2021. Rijeka, Gallery Juraj Klović , ENES QUIEN “The Critic Chooses”


International Exhibition of wine cups and trophies 14. – 28. 03. 2021. Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia

Jury: Nadica Eichhorn, President of jury, ceramic artist, Croatia Roberta Griffith, Member of International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), USA Samar Mougharbel, Member of International Academy of Ceramics, (Lebanon) Ati Salvaro, architect, Croatia Dani Žbontar, Member of International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), Slovenia


Golden plaque: Helena Angelski (SVN)

Silver plaques: Sandra Ban (HRV) Teja Hlačer (SVN)Ljubica Lovrenčić (HRV)

Derclaration of Excellence: Nevenka Angelski (SVN), Tončica Jelača Marijančević (HRV), Jana Grgasović (HRV), Darinka Lapajne (SVN), Marjeta Baša (SVN), Đurđica Horvat (HRV), Meta Kastelić (SVN), Iva Višković (HRV)

Exhibitors out of competition: Inese Brants (LAT), Roberta Griffith (USA), Hanibal Salvaro (HRV), Cesare Sartori (ITA).

Exhibition of masks from the holdings of the Krapina City Gallery

From 12 February to 12 March 2021, the Krapina City Gallery will host an exhibition of masks from the Krapina City Gallery’s holdings.

 Due to the epidemiological situation, there will be no official opening. The virtual exhibition of masks applied for this year’s competition for the International Exhibition of Masks will be available from 12 February 2021 on the website and YouTube channel POU Krapina.

on the edge - solo expo 2021

On the edge…. solo expo .. .from pandemic April 2020 to pandemic February 2021… Contemporary Art for Contemporary Word By #sandrabanart

Thailand Expo 2021, Chamchuri Art Gallery

This exhibition is a showcase of crafts such as ceramics, glass, metal work, wood work,
jewelry, textiles, etc., with 104 Thai and international artists.
January 25—February 25 2021

Sandra ban

A Visual interdisciplinary artist who, with the dominance of sculpture through the medium of ceramics and sculptural painting, combines natural and living materials of earth and clay with new technologies of digital media, expressing deep layers of consciousness with concepts of abstract representations and accents of contemporary prose.


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