Contemporary ceramic

…subsound of breathing Earth & subsound of breathing human think * It is the reflection and communication of symbiosis between man and the earth. Earth through its deep layers of breath to the dry surface and through the creation of the process of human thought to rigid matter.

Man and Earth have the same Rhythm:

 The intuitive and instinctive impulse of neurons in the process of human thinking and their rhythmic vibrancy living are in harmony with the material crustal breathing of the planetary land as a reflection of its internal processes through the layers.

Harmonization of the rhythm through the symbiosis of primordial feelings and vibrational emotional impulses affect each other during creation:

– the process of thinking in humans

– in the process of releasing and accepting land

As it releases, the earth creates a subtle subsound through the vibration of acceptance, forgiveness, drying, aging, death and rebirth, transformation in the scars …

While man’s creation passes through the vibration of the emotional state of the mind and intuitively associates with the subtle vibration, subsound of its instinctive being out of the earth, still a living organism.

search for micromoment… when the thought was born….

Subsound penetrates the man and comes out through the pores of his skin in the pores of transforming earthly energy.

Man finally becomes messenger of his deep being, of his union with matter and creation of nature.

Sunsound ceramics artwork is the deep natural elements scarring during symbiosis with the process of human intuitive thinking.

Sandra Ban