Art, culture,tourism…are strongly linked. Therefore, the existing level of accessibility to tourist facilities and activities plays an important role in experiencing (physical accessibility) and understanding (perceptual availability) of culture. Sufficient level of physical and perceptual availability of culture through art residence can lead to the ultimate accessibility moment (appropriate availability). Grow Your Self!

What can we do?

Art tourism is focused on people’s experiences or wish to learn poetry, film, painting, drawing, sculpture, land art, dance, fashion textil, costume, theater, ceramics ….and other creative forms of man’s efforts and expression. The main activities of the partecipants are tour of cities and historical areas, visiting museums and galleries, and attending art festivals and festivals but they need more, they need to feel that, into the wild of your self, in forest, alone with a earth…. Famous artists, exotic art of other cultural groups, well-known art schools and special forms and periods of art attract tourists to performances and exhibitions in galleries and museums. The growth of art tourism can be attributed to increased opportunities for access to art, and higher levels of education in wider social layers.

Through the FLASH residence project, a cultural-artistic personal designed center is planned to be adapted to people and where various cultural-artistic workshops will be carried out as a form of rehabilitation process tailored to people for relax from stress city, masterclass for professional artist, forest extreme programming for sport condition activity, self sustainability learning process, gardening design…rafting on the river and more, more, more….personal design programming.

Here’s how to do it:

A good level of accessibility leads to positive economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts to social need, while low levels of accessibility represent an undeniable obstacle to the development civilization. Therefore, a proportional relationship between accessibility and art tourism impact can be observed.

It is important to devote yourself to the creation of free time. There are important elements of travel, art and culture. Art, especially when it comes to pottery, have very therapeutic effect. Work with earth or clay due to a living organism that has therapeutic action on multiple levels and elements contributes to the quality development of society from small communities to larger areas.