Man and “Earth” have the same rhythm.

Every act of artistic expression is a reflection of the harmony of life being within a particular situation.

The potential of the artist is to scan and transmit invisible, both to natural circumstances such as climate and social change.

Clay is a medium that can show the core, the real 3D action of all primary elements, through the entire canopy, using every branch, leaf, flower, fruit as well as with the trunk and roots … If you really want to take a step, not further but deeper, draw you will have pure earth, a primary source and a final ending.

It will permeate you to the extent that touch will become an intellectual process that connects you to the invisible. You will want a touch that reveals the deep and hidden ether, the emptiness that defines the form, the final look at the place where the primary impulse arises, the pure vibration, which spills over into a set of emotions that triggers the process of forming the thought form. hands way… from the depths of inner being to the surface and again free flight back to the sea of ​​infinity…