Sandra ban

A Visual interdisciplinary artist who, with the dominance of sculpture through the medium of ceramics and sculptural painting, combines natural and living materials of earth and clay with new technologies of digital media, expressing deep layers of consciousness with concepts of abstract representations and accents of contemporary prose.

She was educated in Italy at the Art Gymnasium and Academy, at the Faculty of Architecture and Philosophy with a lifelong need to learn the anthroposophical branches through a transcendental approach to life, art and space. She is an active leader for the development of art and culture in various international organizations and art projects.

As a representative of Croatia, she has been participating in humanitarian international actions in support of women artists around the world for many years. She is a member of HZSU, Croatian Freelance Artist’s Association, Zagreb;  member of IAC, International Academy Ceramic Geneve (SUISSE), member of ULUPUH, Croatian Fine and Applied Arts Society, Zagreb, member of Croatian Fine Arts Society (HDLU Rijeka), (USA), Kerameikon (AIC memeber Ass.) and an honorary member and representative of Croatia in the International Association of Women Artists “Pandora International”, co-founder of the International Matres Biennale Festival and founder of own eARTh forest residence.

She exhibits independently and at numerous international art residencies, jury exhibitions and festivals in the country and abroad. Awarded and recognized, she is the representative of Croatia in renowned museums, galleries and park.

She is selected for rapresent Croatia at European Ceramics Context 2018 Bornholm, Danmark. and her works, in addition to dominant sculptural works, are in many public and private collections of contemporary art throughout Europe, Asia, USA .. (Croatia, Italy, Slovenia , Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Latvia, Ukraine, Turkey, Denmark, Armenia SAD, USA (California, Florida, New York), Thailand (Bangkok), Korea (Icheon), Cuba (Havana)….