Goranska sculpture workshop
Exhibition in the Lokvarka cave IV

5,June 2021

For the fourth time in a row, the Lokvarka Cave, which is known as one of the most beautiful caves in the Croatian karst, is becoming a temporary exhibition space for works of art by four authors of different age groups, provenances and different media and thematic expressions.

Sculptor Denis Kraškovič exhibits recent fiberglass sculptures combined with aluminum and wood, Sandra Ban presents an installation in the field of applied art, painter Zdravko Milić exhibits a cycle of nine acrylics on canvas, and multimedia artist Petar Popijač presents objects made of baked clay.

Lokvarka is a geomorphological monument of nature that is rich in its intrinsic characteristics; ambience and structures, colors, shadows and sounds actively participates in the generated meaning of works of art.
The synthesis that the exhibits achieve in communication with the fascinating underground landscape contributes to the emphasis on the ambient characteristics of the works, so that the entire presentation acquires the status of an ambient exhibition.
Connecting with various phenomena of the underground cave space, its aura and vibration, the works are subordinated to the environment of nature, striving to integrate into the space and become its immanent part. The artistic activity in the cave is presented in harmony with nature, the display of exhibits evokes the idea of ​​the connection between the micro and macro cosmos, man and nature and the necessity of its preservation.