2021 – Zelina21 Internatinal Exhibition of wine cups and trophies,  Sveti Ivan Zelina, org. Ladica, Zagreb  * 2. AWARD   Silver Plaque

2020 – Zagreb FULL COLOR – International day of Digital Painting, org. Ladica,  Zagreb  *2. AWARD      Silver Plaque

2019 – EXAT 10 Zagrab Fair/ digital art – Ambienta Zagreb    * DECLARATION OF EXELLENCE

2019 – AWARD for Development of Cultural Creativity during 2018, Region of Croatia   * AWARD

2019 – YICCA International World Context Contemporary Art – 18 finalist expo at HDLU Mestrovicev Pavilion Zagreb, Croatia  *  FINALIST

2019 – Highlight artist: INSPIRATIONAL n.32  – ART Magazine by John Hopper editor    *HIGHLIGHT ARTIST

 2018 –1st International_Fantastic Macsabal Competition Ankara, Turkey/Korea  –          * HONORABLE AWARD

2018 – European Ceramic Context 2018, Bornholm, Danmark,  The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture,              Design and  Conservation – *ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE OF THE COUNTRY OF CROATIA

2018– National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery, ceramic pannel, Opishne, Ukraine –         * 1ST. PLACE

2018 – IV Festival of Poetry and Music, Art Klub, Fužine, Croatia       *AWARD FOR BEST POETRY DEBUTANTE WRITER

 2017 – 2020  4 Croatian Triennale of Ceramics, – support of President RH ,, city of Rijeka, Osijek; Zagreb; * 2. AWARD (Silver Plaque)

2017  – 39th Int.Competition of Ceramics Art, Gualdo Tadino, Italy        * HONORABLE MENTION

2016  – “Il riposo di Peneolope” selected for permanent exhibition of collective work at the Museum Nove, in addition to the vases of Picasso,  in org. Viart; Ass.Pandora Artiste Ceramiste, Vicenza, Italy

2015  – The RAKURIOSI, VIII Competition Int. Ceramic Raku Ex Tempore, Rome, Italy     * FINALIST

2014  – The RAKURIOSI VII Competition Int. Ceramic Raku Ex Tempore, Rimini, Italy       * FINALIST

2004 – Mestre, Venezia, Italy: “Anni Azzurri” selected for art therapy against Alzheimer’s for medical resurces * ART THERAPY PROJECT

2001 – Treviso, Italy: “CFP” Award from Region to Best  school project Social/Fashion/Theatre Show * AWARD

2000 – Firenze, Italy: “Pitti Bimbo” – CIUNGA Award for Best Stand (multimedia installation, mix media murale, texstil expo) * AWARD

1995 –Rome, Italy: Finalist to “Fashion Talent”  on media “MTV” and *award for “Africa”  collection  * FINALIST